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21st Century

about 21st century


The Statement
The 20th century was a pivotal era in terms of advanced scientific and technological development. Through this, mankind is able to enjoy unprecedented wealth along with a convenient and comfortable lifestyle. On the other hand, environmental and social issues arose due to changes in lifestyle, society and ideologies. If these issues fail to be resolved in a timely manner, it would pose a threat to mankind in the upcoming 21st century.

This is a critical period for our nation as well. On the road towards the 21st century, issues regarding the nation’s future, democratic affairs, social restructuring and economic growth must be addressed. If we are unable to fully comprehend the situation, not only will we be incapable to provide an enjoyable environment for the generations to come, we will also be held responsible for the nation’s social development.
Our society needs dedicated individuals with expertise and talent standing at the watershed of two centuries. Our staff will help by evaluating social issues, analyzing current affairs, and observing future trends in order to ensure our nation is heading towards a road to development. In recent years, although domestic organization groups have been established, many of them focus only on certain trivial issues instead of looking at the big picture.

Our foundation was given the name “21st Century Foundation” on June 29, 1988, with these mentioned issues in mind. Our mission is to foster equitable social values, social order, and social liability in the 21st century.

We aim to review current issues, uncover problems, further analyze, forecast trends, and shape prospects.
Let us work together in pursuing a harmonious future
in our ever-changing society.
objectives and mandates

Our foundation aims to prompt a communal interest on public policy and changes in society. We want to combine the expertise of scholars and the generosity of volunteers to give back by servicing the community. Moreover, we want to approach our social issues in a serious manner through proposing concrete solutions and providing policy changes.


The 21st Century Foundation’s values are based on democracy, social justice and peaceful cross-strait relations. We hope to recruit Taiwan’s experts and scholars to uphold our core values and further discuss various philosophy related issues. We want to assess the government’s public policy issues from a professional standpoint. Ultimately we want to become a forum platform and realize a new vision for the future of Taiwan.